PBE Distributors has partnered with Matrix System Automotive Finishes to provide the industry's most advanced low-VOC premium solvent born system. This system gives your customers the opportunity to effectively choose a low-VOC solvent born paint system which sprays with the same ease as other premium high-VOC solvent systems.

Five reasons your customers should consider a Matrix low-VOC solvent system:
  1. Your customer don't need new equipment to spray MPB-LV. We call this 'Compliance without Cost.' If your customer is already using HVLP equipment, then there is no need to spend more money on any new equipment.
  2. MPB-LV is a 'REAL' Premium Low VOC Basecoat. We say it is REAL because there is no need for the additional use of a binder to meet the VOC requirements. MPB-LV is the first premium low VOC solvent basecoat introduced to the market with no 'converted feel.'
  3. MPB-LV uses the same AccuShade Color System tools. MPB-LV utilizes our extensive color library of alternates and variant formulas to achieve color accuracy.
  4. Fast application and flash times improve throughput. When using MPB-LV you will need to apply 1-3 coats depending on the coverage and effect desired. Flash times are comparable or quicker than the premium VOC compliant systems.
  5. Waterborne basecoat isn't the only way to VOC compliance. The Canadian Environmental Protection Act mandates that color coatings meet the 3.5 lbs/g VOC limit. The regulations are technology neutral; they do not specify that water must be used, or that water is the ONLY way to become VOC compliant. MPB-LV is the perfect alternative for those looking for a high performance 'eco-friendly', non-waterbourne paint system.

MSV-25 Low VOC Quick Cure Clearcoat

MSV-25 Low VOC Quick Cure Clearcoat is a fast cure, highly productive clearcoat designed specifically for use on 1-2 panel jobs when quick delivery is important. This clearcoat is ideal for collision centers looking to reduce cycle times while offering a superior finish.

Easy application + Fast cure increases productivity. Exceptional flow & levelling for less buffing. Superior clarity with a deep rich gloss.