OEMs use 90-Line

Approximately 70 percent of all new cars, including high-end manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, are finished with waterborne paint, making 90-Line the ideal system for repair.
In addition, ultra-luxury cars such as Maybach and Rolls Royce are hand sprayed at the plant with 90-Line–the very same basecoat used by bodyshops today. 
The use of 90-Line by these ultra-luxury car manufacturers is a testament to the quality of BASF's waterborne technology and the confidence that these companies have in BASF Glasurit products.

Why choose 90-Line? Because 90-Line offers...
  1. Technical advancements
    Technical advancements and the experience gained from nearly 20 years of real-world experience have made the 90-Line system easy-to-use, cost-effective and reliable.
  2. Virtually no learning curve
    Using 90-Line is so similar to using a solventborne basecoat system, there is virtually no learning curve required to make the switch.
  3. No special equipment

    90-Line does not require any special mixing or spraying equipment.

  4. Better productivity and profitability
    Faster flash-off, shorter spray times and reduced material consumption (based on higher pigment content) all contribute to greater productivity and profitability.
  5. Superior color matching
    90-Line is fully compatible with BASF's ColorMAX®, the finest color tool of its type available. Customers across the continent claim that they get a better color match from Glasuirt 90-Line than from any other system they have used.
  6. Reduced emissions
    With 90-Line, basecoat VOC emissions are reduced by approximately 90 percent over solventborne products.
  7. Extended shelf life
    90-Line's shelf life is comparable to solventborne because mixing bases are not frost sensitive like other waterborne systems.
  8. The ultimate finish
    In addition to its productivity and environmental virtues, 90-Line continues to deliver the same kind of world-class gloss and finish that is identified with the Glasurit brand.
Glasurit® 90-Line

The most advanced waterborne technology available! Backed by a lifetime warranty, 90-Line offers perfectly coordinated systems of premium products that emit far fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than solventborne products. In fact, 90-Line meets the most stringent VOC regulations anywhere in the world.